Welcome I know what your thinking.

Your thinking one of three things. I wanted a how-to guide on how to work from home, or why on earth would you say never work from home? and last but not least, Alright, tell me how it sucks, so bad , I should never do it.

Well my friends here it is my top ten reasons not to work at home.

10. You dont mind if I start here do you? Of course not.
You sleep and relax at home. Do you really want to make the stresses of your workplace come home with you?

9. Tv need I say more?

8. Your kids if you have them, your friends if you don’t. They come over because your home and want you to hang, not realizing this is now your workplace you cannot simply talk and have a coffee.

7. House keeping I don’t know about you but… after I get off work I am excited to go home and relax. Work now being at home this translates to cabin fever. No I’m not making dinner, or washing a dish right now.

6. Noise, home is just never as quite as an office.

5. Income no weekly paychecks or payday money only comes when you work.

4. The actually working bit. Yes get off your lazy bum and work. No, someone is not going to come in and say” The boss is comming.”to light a fire under you. “You” are the boss.

3. The pay you can make a tiny amount or a huge amount. It’s not consistent. Omg! I just spent my last money time to hussle. What do you mean I only made 5 bucks!

2. Accidently erasing of your work OMG noooo…. I Just spent five hours on that and I only saved at hour 2.5, what did I write? No one to blame but yourself.

1. All the hours you actually put in no matter what you do. Your working closer to 50 or 60 hours per week. That is just the way it is.

Stay tuned I’ll tell you why it is awesome in my next post.
Your friendly Bloggist MoFo.